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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 24, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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an early reporting error in outagamie county that has since been corrected..... organizer holly mosher is urging others to push for a hand-recount of all ballots. hm 'i really think its important to trust the vote.' on wednesday afternoon, one name on the ballot responds: former green party presidential candidate jill stein. because stein was on novembers ballot, her campaign can request a recount in wisconsin. some believe there may be enough votes to change the outcome of the election - not upset president elect donald trumps victory. hm 'even trump was saying the elections could be rigged! lets find out.' the state elections commission in madison confirms it has been contacted by steins campaign. officials are now proceeding as if a recount will happen - notifying clerks late wednesday night that stein will likely meet a 5 p-m friday deadline. clerks will determine how much a recount will cost in their municipalities... and report that number to the state. it will be up to stein and the green party... to pay for it. hm 'we the people want to know
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want to know.' steins campaign has already raised one- and-a-half million dollars of its two and a half million dollar goal. the money will be used to cover recount expenses in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. a team of activists, lead by a university of michigan computer science professor, believes there is evidence votes were hacked or manipulated in all three states. the majority of votes cast in wisconsin are paper b of them are tabulated by optical scanners. if you're interested in donating to this cause -- or monitoring the amount of money that's been raised -- head to our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app, and click on "links." in new berlin - a man and woman -- both in their seventies -- are dead in what might turn out to be a murder suicide. the man was discovered dead at the scene from a single gun shot wound. the woman also suffered a single gun shot wound, but she was alive long enough to be transported to a
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police officer explained to the media the odd 9-1-1 call: 'there was a male caller who did not identify himself but gave an address and said help was needed here. the dispatcher asked for more details and he just repeated that help was needed here thats all he said.' new berlin police say no one in custody... nor are they looking for any suspects. they are not releasing the identity of the victims at this time. after all." that's what steven avery is saying tonight in reference to his appeal case. today, his attorney kathleen zellner tweeted out that a judge has signed an order -- giving the go ahead for more scientifc testing in the murder of theresa halbach. avery has long-since claimed that manitowoc county officials framed him for her death . a special prosecutor is representing the state. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is investigating the death of a three-month old boy. it happened at 92nd and birch. we're told it appears to be
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no other details have been released. a fiery crash in greenfield caught on camera - fox6 captured what had happened here at south 76th and layton just after midnight. hales corners police were trying to stop a speeding car that ran a red light. that vehicle crashed into another vehicle with two people inside... then crashed into a jewelry store's wall before bursting into flames. miraculously police say the two people inside the victim's vehicle were not seriously hurt. the suspect is in custody. a milwaukee poc involved in a crash. it happened around 2 a-m near 27th and fond du lac... mpd isn't saying how the crash happened. new tonight- just hours before the holiday shopping season two separate groups are calling for store boycotts! the groups say you can create change with your wallets. our ben handelman with their messages. the family of jay anderson never thought the night before
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not here.a group marching into the wauwatosa police department wednesday, demanding transparency. it makes no sense why are you not transparent wauwatosait's been 5 months-- since jay anderson junior was shot and killed by a tosa officer as he sat in his car in madison park. police say he had a gun. the family believes their loved one did nothing wrong. they have a new plan to try and pressure the city to release the officer's name publicly, and dash cam video from that night. they are asking for a wauwatosa businesses--- especially mayfair mall. at this point we've reached the highest level of frustration. we ask the people join us and boycott from a financial stand point because that is all they know.the family is hoping the business community, fearing loss, will add pressure to the city. the greatest thing is to affect the money
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at milwaukee's mohammed mosque--- there are calls to disrupt the pain. it's time for us as a people to prosper. it's time for us to take back what they took from us.inside, family members who feel they have been wronged by the justice system, want to send a message with their money. we need to pull our own resources together, to change our condition. in the season when so many will be spending their dollars, these two groups with are hopeful it is not just our that help create change. here at this mosque-- the coalition is asking people to support only african american owned businesses. they made the same plea last year. the group in wauwatosa would not say if they plan to protest the mall on black friday-- it's something they have done in the past. live in milwaukee, ben handelman, fox 6
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areas of fog tonight with rain tapering off this evening. temperatures will hold in the low 40s this evening, before dropping into the upper 30s by morning. mostly cloudy on thanksgiving with a high in the low 40s. flurries are possible on friday, especially in the morning. no accumulation, but it will be a cooler day with highs in the upper 30s. fog. low: 38 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with flurries, especially in the morning. am low: 31 high: 39
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some packers fans may have lost some confidence in the team, as they are now losers of 4 in a row. but inside the locker room, the players say they still believe. tim van vorren has the blitz from green bay. "oh the packers know it. step in their locker room, they are well aware they are on a four game losing streak that has them skidding down in the nfc north division and in the greater nfc standings and yet they remain optimistic." "i feel like we can run the table. i offense is starting to click a little bit more. we just gotta put together a game where we're consistent from the first snap to the last. i just feel like it just takes one. we get one under our belts, things might start rolling for us and we can run the table." "i think everyone in here probably believes that, to be honest with you that's how we started the year and i don't think i've ever been a part of a team, ever been here where we went into a game thinking there's no way we're gonna win this game. even if our back are against the wall. i mean you
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super bowl and people were counting us out then and honestly wanting to fire mike back then. "we got a lot of talent in the building so it's not something that, if we were a team that was worried about what we are not capable of making it happen then we'd be worried so it's just a matter of putting the pieces together." "i can't say this enough. i know i said this during the good times, i said it during training camp, we got the right kind of men here. this group of men, we're gonna get to where we want to go." "keep in min side.they have been in the playoffs seven straight seasons. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." a bartender with a bad reputation women claiming that they felt like they were drugged.. but there were never any charges. next - his first on-camera interview plus - reinventing sherman park. the plan to invest part of a
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the struggling neighborhood. and it's called "blackout wednesday" why tonight has area
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to clear his name...and get paid moneyfor damages.... multiple women have come forward, claiming he drugged their drinks. he is speaking out on-camera for the first time tonight. he told his side of the story to fox6 investigator meghan dwyer. she joins us now with the story the cedarburg police department says its received numerous reports that jacob banas, the manager of the august weber haus in cedarburg, had "non-consensual intercourse with
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them." now he's suing one of those women -- and three others -- who have spoken out against him for defamation. banas -- who has not been charged with any crime related to these allegations -- says they are false, vicious rumors. 'why file the defamation lawsuit?' 'for me, its simple, i need to get the truth out there."jacob banas is the manager and a bartender at the august weber haus in cedarburg -- a father. 'its kind of a cute story, my mom had a cheese store in here for about 25 years."he says for years he has wanted to scream the truth from the mountaintops -- he did not drug or rape any women. "i mean, its a small town. people talk. media reports first circulated in 2014 saying banas was under investigation for third degree sexual assault and drugging women.he was never charged. since then, he says,
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marriage ended in divorce. 'did you use this business to get women in the door? so that you could take advantage of them? 'no, i mean, not for any- did people come in and we have some drinks and, but not in any, i never drugged anybody. i have never possessed anything like that and never harmed anybody in any way.'there are women, though, who tell a very differ the extent of it, but i do know that he took advantage of me.' 'i think that i was drugged by him.' 'i am positive that we were drugged.' 'something happened. i feel like i was drugged." nov. 6, 2008. nov. 12, 2008. 2010. 2011. 2012. april 8, 2014. may 20, 2014. and the list goes on. all
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some saying they feel like they were sexually assaulted. 'i was confused, and ashamed, and scared i guess is the best way to put it. you blamed yourself? yeah. and i thought i made the mistake.' 'it was kind of all, maybe it happened, maybe it didnt. i started to doubt myself." 'its humiliating. and, after the fact i didnt breathes deeps i didnt go to the police. i didnt tell anybody. i just felt like, well you know what i was there. i put myself in that position. um, you know, its part my fault."they all tell similar stories. they were at the august weber house. banas made them drinks. of what happened next. banas says none of it is true. 12:16:36meg 'its very hard to believe that all of these women would come forward with a made-up story.' banas 'i agree, i think some of it was to cover some of their own lies. whether it be you know their husbands or boyfriends or how much they drank, but i think- there were never any charges. i think that speaks for itself. while i understand the
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truly did something wrong there would have been some charges.' meg 'how can all of these people be saying kind of the same thing? are they all wrong?' banas 'they are, but i think it is important to remember that only one person claims anything physical ever happened- none of these other- as far as i am aware- anybody else has ever said - anything sexual women we interviewed say they believe they were sexually assaulted. "my belt was on the floor, my fly was down on my jeans, i dont go to bed like that.'one of them says banas took photos of her. she was approached by two strangers at a bar who said they had seen a naked photo of
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and they said well, you were kinda passed out. you were naked. you were on a bed. ' 'i was speechless.' those allegations never led to charges. "just because there's no evidence, does that mean it didn't happen?" "in this case, yes." but in 2004 banas did plead no contest to a bizarre case with similar facts. a woman paid him $1,800 after he claimed he had a sex with him. 'did you do those things that are alleged? did you exploit a woman and say, hey, i have nude photos of you and i am going to make these public if you dont pay me? looking off camera 'can i answer that? banas' lawyer said he wanted to talk to his client before he answered -- so they went outside to talk and then came back. 'in that case i pleaded no
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past it and to be honest i dont feel like it has anything to do with allegations that were made."when we asked him whether it shows a pattern of conduct... "i think it shows that i was desperate for money to gamble with. i dont think it shows that i drugged anybody. i think it shows i took advantage of a reports, locals have been very vocal. "i dont want a person with such a questionable moral compass to be serving alcohol to anyone, anywhere!'because of the controversy surrounding the restaurant, it's only open a few times a year, mostly during seasonal festivals. but a petition has been started to convince cedarburg's common council to revoke the restaurant's liquor license
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more than 600 signatures...people say the restaurant should be open all the time, not just when unsuspecting tourists are in town. 'theres an expectation that youre gonna be open for business. and open for business isnt 3 or 4 times a year.' 'visitors to cedarburg, and cedarburg relies on visitors and tourism, dont know about this situation. and they are just sitting ducks.' "to say i am a danger to tourists during a festival or pouring them a beer or a glass of wine to me is ridiculous. it is not anything i would ever do." banas is now suing some of the people who have spoken out against him for defamation. he's even suing one person over a yelp review. 'social media is what it is- you just cant say things without them being true because they really do affect peoples lives."we asked him if he had plans to sue anyone else -- pointing out the choice words used by many
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restaurant's liquor license. "do you plan to take legal action against all of those commenters as well?' 'i dont know about all. i think we will take it wherever the evidence leads.that's one of the reasons many of these women say they wanted to speak out anonymously. 'im scared of jacob banas.'they are scared they will be sued. but they say they are more scared he could take advantage of even more women. 'if we all start coming together then these stories beco is a problem." 'something happened." 'the truth is the truth. and, if he thinks that this is just gunna go away, i mean, its not. its not gunna go away.' "i think one small lie has turned into small town gossip and it has grown into this now where there is media coverage and police involved simply because they didnt want to be honest about their actions.'12:14:51 'all of these people, you think,
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cedarburg police say this is an ongoing investigation and they would encourage anyone to come forward and share their story -- even if it happened a long time ago. the petition to take away the restaurant's liquor license is expected to be presented to the common council as soon as next week. these rumors have been around for years now...why haven't police either bro well they did search his restaurant and his apartment. police took computers and cameras and cell phones into evidence. and they found diphenhydramine and lidocaine -- both of which have been used before in date rape cases. but still no charges. banas says the lidocaine belonged to someone else and the diphenhyrdramine was for personal
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news from the neighborhood over the summer-- the vandalism. the violence. so-- how about some good news. the investors... showing sherman park some love. seven months ago he was facing death... he was paralyzed for weeks. now, he's got a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving.
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tapering off this evening. temperatures will hold in the low 40s this evening, before dropping into the upper 30s by morning. mostly cloudy on thanksgiving with a high in the low 40s. flurries are possible on friday, especially in the morning. no accumulation, but it will be a cooler day with highs in the upper 30s. the sun returns this weekend with highs sunday. rain returns late sunday night and monday. happy thanksgiving!! tonight: rain ending. areas of fog. low: 38 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with flurries, especially in the morning. am low: 31 high:
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and a huge party night.. how area police departments are working together to bust drunk drivers.. seeing a bucks game in person for the first time is exciting. especially for kids.. the company that stepped out to help some young fans get that
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but what about blackout wednesday? the day before thanksgiving got that name because it's a big night to go out on the town. fox 6's brittany shannon spoke with police about what they're doing to curb drunk driving on this busy bar night... 1:13 the holiday season... nats
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out and have some drinks the night before thanksgiving 30:53"" and on black out wednesday, or thanksgiving's about to be a busy night here at ugly's... "31:04 we know its going to be at capacity. theres going to be a crowd, theres going to be a lot of people we just want to be prepared for that 09" police in milwaukee and waukesha counties are also preparing-for when those celebrating the season...go home. "47:08 we want to put the lights on to get the you should be worried if youre going to drink and drive 13" 35 police departments make up the impaired driving task force. they'll have extra patrols out on wednesday night. 46:11 theyre looking for anything from headlights out to speeding violations to maybe any type of impaired driving 16 and were stopping those drivers and making sure theyre sober 21 if not were going to stop test and arrest 23 the task force arrested 300 drivers over the course of last year. officials
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of them. there are other options... "31:58 theres really no reason why you cant hold onto your keys instead of put them in the ignition at the end of the night 03" i spoke to milwaukee police officials who tell me they will also have aggressive patrols out and about this evening. remember, you can always use uber or catch a cab. some bars also have a service that will help you find a ride home. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. brad thanks brittany milwaukee aldermen have decided how they'll spend two million dollars that was part of a grant from the state following the violence near sherman park last summer. the money had been earmarked for blight reduction. half of it will go toward the demolition of about 100 vacant houses in the sherman park neighborhood. the other million dollars will be used to rehab houses in the area that can be saved. the money will also be used to pay the wages of workers in the neighborhood who are in a skills training program... in the process of cleaning up
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get jobs, theres a ton of opportunity for people to get skills. the grant money will also go toward lease-to-own programs, allowing some renters of renovated houses to eventually buy them. alderman russell stamper says the goal is for work to begin on the houses by april or may next year. the phoenix is a mythical bird that is reborn as it rises from the ashes. milwaukee's sherman park neighborhood is trying to do just that, after a summer of unrest and fires. and some fm getting help with that from a company so aptly named, phoenix investors. tom pipines goes beyond the game. this is what some families from the sherman park neighborhood saw this summer. after a young man, who police say was armed, was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer, people began protesting and fires burned down businesses in the area. but this is what some of those
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watching. a group of over 200 sherman park students and their families from townsend elementary school were in the stands for a milwaukee bucks game at the bmo harris bradley center. "i think townsend was a just the obvious choice, a reward basically after what they went through this summer." phoenix investors, a national real estate investment firm based in milwaukee, teamed up with the bucks for the donation of t "we want to do something that's based on kids especially a neighborhood where we have a ton of real estate on the north west side and townsend elementary and sherman park neighborhood seemed like the obvious choice." jasmine ross and her family were thrilled with the chance to see the game. "very awesome, the kids are very excited and they just enjoy coming to the basketball games." townsend principal redona williams says this is just another moment that is helping the students and their families progress from
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experienced some of that but for the most part they are moving forward and we're open and it's been a positive year so far and we're going to continue to move in a positive force." and this game is more than just another one of those positive moments, it's also a reward. the students from townsend elementary had to earn the right to get their families in the stands. "we were able to decide how to best use what was coming to us and we did, we used it as an incentive for children that are here, well actually all the children that are here is because of 100% attendance." and that reward is a special one, some students and their families have nenevr experienced being at a live bucks game. if this is their first bucks game i hope they have an incredible time, i think most importantly that we were able to have their entire family here so that everybody can celebrate together." and that celebration was welcomed and
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appreciate it and thank you." tom pipines fox 6 sports. beside the tickets, families were given t-shirts and vouchers for food. phoenix investors say they are hoping to partner with the bucks again in the future to help more students and their families in other neighborhoods in milwaukee. it started with a pounding headache.. and ended with a milwaukee firefighter- being treated for a brain tumor. his painful journey and how this thanksgiving is different. a huge gift for a milwaukee copa means freedom for those in need. the rain is tapering off tonight. i'll have your thanksgiving forecast along with a warm up for the weekend coming
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set shot bump back w/ tc a special donation making a difference in the lives of milwaukees human trafficking victims. nancy yarbrough is emotional as yarbrough runs 'fresh start learning inc' in milwaukee... it's a non profit doing advocacy work for human trafficking victims...domestic violence victims and the homeless. "we are out there boots on the ground to make sure we offer those young ladies and young men that are caught up in human trafficking prostitution and otherwise a lending hand" the van is a donation from a caledonia dealer zarate auto
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special concert honoring the military, veterans and their families. it's called "america salutes you". and it features performers like cyndi lauper and gavin degraw. so tune in this saturday at 5 p-m- right here on fox6. will it rain on the holiday? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. overtime trouble. a new law is supposed to take effect next week.. but a judge has blocked it .. so now what? sad reality. how racine is tackling the heroin epidemic. whether you're up early cooking or shopping... join us starting at 4:30 to kick off your thanksgiving morning. there will be stores open on the holiday. where people are jumping on early deals! plus a preview of a big community dinner in racine.
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relief for some. bite 52:44 it restores his dignity and it was really appreciated and the jury did what we believe was a wonderful job. and a big payout by the city of milwaukee for a victim of illegal body searches. the complaints have really stacked up against this contractor. tonight, he sits down with contact 6 to make it right. question is - does he make good on it? what do most 7 year-old girls want for their birthdays? when you find out what's on this to rethink your own..tonight at ten. a federal judge in texas blocks a u-s department of labor rule extending overtime pay to more than 4 million workers... the obama-backed rule was scheduled to take effect december first -- and many employers nationwide had changed the way they pay workers to meet the requirements of the new rule. the emergency injunction may not permanently prevent the rule
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the new rule would more than double the salary threshold for workers to qualify as exempt from overtime pay requirements. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. weather areas of fog tonight with rain tapering off this evening. temperatures will hold in the low 40s this evening, before dropping into the upper 30s by morning. mostly cloudy on thanksgiving with a high in the low 40s. flurries are possible on friday, especially in the morning. no accumulation, but it will be a
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sun returns this weekend with highs in the 40s to around 50 by sunday. rain returns late sunday night and monday. happy thanksgiving!! tonight: rain ending. areas of fog. low: 38 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy. high: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with flurries, especially in the morning. am low: 31 high: 39 partly sunny. am low: 30 high: 46 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: increasing clouds with rain showers late at night. am low: 31 high: 49 wind: se 5-15 mph monday: showers likely. windy and warmer. am low: 40 high: 51 wind: s 15-25 mph tuesday: cloudy with a chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 42 high: 42 wind: nw 5-10
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anchors thanks weather napping tomorrow, you might think about what you're really thankful for..... but will you say it out loud? tonight, the story of one man who almost didn't make it to this holiday. and why he's urging you to speak up not only tomorrow but everyday.
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dan lipski practices extreme caution. no one knows more than a battallion chief not to take any little thing for granted. lipski-a fourth generation milwaukee firefighter--learned that the hard way last april 15th. his pounding headache--which sent him home from the fire house that day--had nothing to do with taxes-- after dinner that night he struggled away leftovers from dinner. a couple of seconds later i knocked over a lamp..and started to think something wasn't quite right and i called my brother.... initially, doctors suspected a brain tumor and he was transferred to aurora st luke's on milwaukee's southside. dr juanita celix quickly discovered the problem. "they were absesses small collections of bacteris that walled themselves off"
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little. but the swelling in dan's brain was painful--and potentionally lethal. "he had a few in critical areas so they were on the right side of the brain..and they control motor function for the opposide side of the body. "pretty important things to have if you're a firefighter" the swelling left dan essentially paralyzed. " when i was at my worst...i couldn't wiggle my fingers...i couldn't wiggle my toes..i cou dr celix says it was time for plan b--very delicate brain surgery to drain each absess " we need to go on..we need to try something or this could be permanent" the scars of mulitple-surgeries tell only part of the story of a rough spring--recovery would be long...and
3:55 am
a man who would be out ther fighting fires..he was very down because he couldn't do what he was made to do...and was in incredible amounts of pain" "after weeks of not being able to achieve see the joy in their eyes when you can wiffle a finger or toe...i'm a faily cynical person by nature and i thought..we're really celebrating the little stuff here aren't we...i'd really like to be able to brush my own teeth but i can't even lift my hands up..but it was that every day encouragement" for days on end, his wife never left his side. when she wasn't there, a physical therapist was. he was very down and very sick..and we had to take care of him and be his cheerleader..and make sure he didn't give up on himself. he never did. thursday, he'll celebrate thanksgiving with family--but first wanted to gather the medical team that made it possible. "there's no amount of gratitude i can give or show to the people whove touche me in such an amaxing way..i'll forever in my life be paying
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they are the hero's heroes---but ironically, the best thank you he could give wasn't necessarily coming back--it was being able to leave on his own. that's why we do our husband is a firefigher we had that little family bond where it rouched my heart even more..i was blessed to be a part of it's amazing..i dont need a thank you for that..this is just amazing to see this" goodbyes over, it was back to the job he loves--a job he wondered if he'd ever be able to do again. his brush with death has made him more grateful, humbled, wiser. it has changed him. " don't wait for that do or die moment to change you..don't let
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much of the bounty you possess already..we can't wish for the next greatest thing to reflect back on what we say thank you when it's appropriate..which is all the time. one thing that struck dan so much about saying thank you to the medical staff was their response. everyone said they were "just doing their job"--something dan said he's said countless times to people he's helped as line--gratitude is contagious--tell the people around you what they mean to you. the dodge county sheriff's office identifies the man found dead in a cabin near reeseville yesterday. 46-year-old james greevers junior from milwaukee was found dead.
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taken to the hospital. officials are investigating whether carbon monoxide played a role in the incident. a racine county sheriffs deputy is being credited with saving a womans life after a suspected heroin overdose. but the sheriff explains -- any celebration should be tempered by growing concern over what he terms an epidemic. fox six's justin williams has the story. his relief, the ultimate save. i mean, its, were talking about a human beings life, here. is thats amazing, but thats, quickly, washed away with-- we still have this concerning, overwhelming problem. wednesday, racine county sheriff, christopher schmaling, recalls his department's most recent use of a medication named nalaxone,... more commonly called narcan. it is rare, when we can, actually, take a proactive step, and, actually, save a human beings life.
3:59 am
his department responded to a call in the 21-thousand block of schroeder road, in the town of dover. here, they found a 25-year-old woman, who was a passenger in a vehicle, had passed-out, and was not breathing. they had some information to suggest that she had used heroin. so, the deputy, immediately, administered the, the naloxone, thats nasal narcan, as its come to be known, and the person came to, and was up, and talking. at that point, the sheriff says the woman admitted she had overdosed on heroin -- prompting his message to anyone pushing product. i have so manye drug dealers knew, they would, they would stop, immediately. they think they have friends, but they dont. there are a lot of false friendships, out there, and many of them are working for me. and, thats why i say, its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. sheriff schmaling says his department began equipping patrol cars with narcan, in february of 2014. in fewer than three years, he says this marks the 19th life saved using the medication. this is the latest, in racine county.
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why did you ultimately decide to postpone the wedding? >> maybe it had something to do with it. >> where did it all go wrong for mariah and fiance james packer? i'm liz hernandez. when it comes to the fate of the $10 million engagement ring, mariah answers as only she can. >> i have to ask, though, did you give the jewelry back? >> what? >> did this mean more to you than you anticipated or realized? >> laurie and val. >> yes, adorable laurie is dancing's new champ. we have the secrets straight from kerry ann. i'm kitt hoover. is there any truth to the talk that she's feuding with julian. >> are you kidding me?


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